7 Unconventional Ways the Bible Indicates Jesus is God

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New Testament Christian Apologetics Series 1 7 Ways Jesus is God

Description: This concise tract, 7 Unconventional Ways the Bible Indicates Jesus is God, offers Jehovah’s Witnesses seven thought-provoking biblical paradoxes about Jesus’ identity to weigh individually and privately.  Questioning the Watchtower’s Christology cannot shake souls anchored in God’s truth.  If conclusions contradict, deeper unity awaits on the other side of presently unforeseen resolution.

As you research these questions internally, please feel free to contact us if you would like to dialogue further or hold a collaborative Bible study for constructively examining the issues raised.  We welcome opportunity for mutual exploration in the Spirit of truth.  Readiness for self-critique signifies maturity, not weakness. Unpack these puzzles without anxiety - their layers conceal keys, not just complexity.  Discover how probing cherished convictions refines rather than threatens authentic faith. The path leads somewhere indeed - follow without hesitation!