A Biblical Response to Alarming Preterist Claims:

A Biblical Response to Alarming Preterist Claims True Christian

Description: With the advent of Preterism in the 1970s many Christians began to rethink their understanding of the Second Coming, the end of the world, the judgment and the resurrection of the dead.  But along with these reinvestigations a number of people came to the conclusion that Revelation chapters 21 and 22 do not describe and afterlife, but the glorious reality of salvation in Christ in this life only.  As Christians who believe in the the past fulfillment of the Second Coming of Christ as a real transaction that brought the Second Jewish Commonwealth to its end, however, we completely disagree that the New Testament only offers a description of ‘symbolic’ glories; we believe that the discussion about the meaning and implications of Revelation 21 and 22 should begin in the Gospels.  We also maintain that what Jesus taught about laying up treasures in heaven means that what is in store for Christians is much more glorious than anything we can presently imagine or conceive.


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