Christians & the War of Bar Kokhba

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Christians and the War of Bar Kokhba 12 1 2023 True Christian Press December 1 2023

Description: Christians & the Bar Kokhba Revolt is a concise tract that explains little known events in the Holy Land which took place in the 2nd century AD. The revolt was led by Simon Bar Kokhba, who was believed by over nine hundred towns and villages in Judæa to be the messiah and the leader who would free the Jewish people from Roman rule.  The revolt began on the first day of Sukkot in 132 AD.  However, despite initial successes, hopes, and expectations, the revolt ultimately failed. The Roman Empire, under Emperor Hadrian, responded to the rebellion with a strong military campaign. The Romans were able to suppress the revolt and regain control over the region.

During the revolt, there were tensions between the Jewish rebels and the early Christians. Initially, Bar Kokhba dismissed the Christians and did not include them in his plans. However, in the second year of fighting as the revolt faced difficulties and the Romans gained the upper hand, Bar Kokhba sought the support of the Christians. The Christians, however, refused to support the revolt or acknowledge Bar Kokhba as the messiah, leading to a period of brutal persecutions and executions.  The failure of the Bar Kokhba revolt had significant consequences for both the Jewish and Christian communities.  For the Jewish people, it marked the end of their hopes for an independent Jewish state and the building of a Third State Temple and a permanent restoration of the traditional animal sacrifices instituted by Moses. For the Christians, the revolt solidified their separation from mainstream Judaism and reaffirmed their belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the only true messiah and blessed Son of God.