The Thousand Year Reign—According to the Bible

The Thousand Year Reign According to the Bible 

Description: In this 46 page essay, we use the history of Satan, his role in the Gospels, Acts, and epistles, and his whereabouts and power at Pergamos in Asia Minor, till his battle with the Archangel Michael to determine when he began and concluded his active role in the Jewish sedition of A.D.66-70.   Additionally, the dispensing of the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls, the existence and destruction of Jerusalem and the post-war military defeat of the Zealot armies lead directly to Satan’s arrest and incarceration.  From this information we able to say, with certainty, when he was at large and when he was under control and what occurred prior to, during, and after the thousand-year reign.  In 17 statements, this essay provides a comprehensive picture of the message and purpose of Revelation chapter 20’s thousands-year rule, highlighting how occurrences during that time period establish the secure basis of Christianity to this day. 


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